Catching up with Free TV Online.

Australians are now catching up with Free to Air TV online.

It is becoming more and more normal for Australians to skip their regular TV shows in order to meet work and social engagements. Catchup TV has become more popular with time, because it enables Australians to watch their favourite TV shows according to their own time schedule instead of the the TV station’s TV guide. We are now also showcasing Australian Short Films and comedy sketches.



ABOVE: Watch HOPPER, a Western Australian short film that was made for Tropfest. Watch it here now for free.

Gone are the days of calling up a friend to “pop in a VHS” to tape your favourite TV shows. Now we can all access and watch and view free TV shows on Catchup TV, from right here!

Australians are working longer hours and in many cases are getting home late from work, only to rush down their dinners and return to their computers where they are continuing their work commitments. Whether you are in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart, Canberra, Adelaide or any other Australian location, you can watch your favourite shows online. Catch Up TV Australia.

View Free Channels – Catch up TV Australia All the channels from one website – all the free to view channels in one place! Select a TV channel from the top menu. Never miss another television show again! Don’t rush home and risk a speeding ticket, simply watch it online, right here at

Did you miss your favourite TV program? Catch up on all your Freeview TV shows here. All of the channels, all in one place. Catch-up TV Australia?

If you missed an episode of your favorite television show, then it is time for some catchup TV! Whether it is any of the Free View favourites: The Mentalist, Packed to the Rafters, Home and Away, NCIS, Glee, Neighbours or Better Homes and Gardens. If you have been watching every episode and then missed one episode it can be pretty frustrating. All the stations, all the channels in the one spot. These Television channels are all available here for you to catch up on shows that you missed.  Channel 7   ?Channel 72?   Channel 7mate   ?Channel 9?  Channel Go! Channel 10?   Channel One?Channel ABC   ?Channel ABC2   ?Channel ABC3?   Channel SBS?   Channel SBS2 ?  Channel SBS3